Wednesday 25 Jan 2017
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The Yellow River Delta is one of the three major Chinese river deltas. The Yellow River Delta faces numerous challenges in the context of global change. Impacts of industrial exploitation, urbanization, agricultural transformation, as well as climate change can all be felt and observed in the delta. On the one hand the delta hosts China’s second largest oil field, and the growing delta city of Dongying, surrounded by intensive aqua- and agriculture. One the other hand, large protected wetlands are breeding and resting place for migrating birds, which attract thousands of tourists annually.

DELIGHT Closure Meeting was held at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, June 29, 2016

The final meeting of the DELIGHT project was held in Oberpfaffenhofen at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Guests from the Chinese stakeholder institution from Dongying were invited to take part in this meeting. Finally, this meeting brought together the whole project consortium for an exchange of overall results and project outcomes. The Yellow River Delta information system was presented in its final version to all participants.

Meeting at Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) in Zhengzou, May 3, 2016

On May 3, 2016, after the DELIGHT field visit of the Middle and Upper Reaches of the Yellow River, a researcher from SLU visited the headquarters of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) - the Yellow River basin management authority - in Zhengzhou. The YRCC is the agency for the Yellow River, authorized by the Chinese government, which responsible for the basin wide management of the Yellow River. During the meeting the director of the department of remote sensing, Prof. Li Shenyang emphasized the interest in working together with research scientists from China and from abroad. International cooperation is of interest regarding knowledge transfer and information exchange.

DELIGHT Yellow River Delta Information System Hand Over in Dongying, April 12, 2016

On April 12 2016, DLR together with IGSNRR held an Hand Over Workshop at the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Yellow River Delta of Shandong Province in Dongying. Beside the Director of this main stakeholder institution further stakeholders from the Yellow River Delta Nature Reserve and the Bureau of Land and Resources took part in the hand over ceremony (see group picture). The DELIGHT Information System contains all scientific project results from 3 years of joint research between Germany and China in the fileds of e.g. hydrodynamic and water quality analyses of the Yellow River estuary, detailed quantification of the urbanization in Dongying and prognosis of its future development, the analyses of coastal dynamics and land use changes over the last two decades with respect to food supply for this fast developing river delta region as well as to environmental impacts such as salinization of soils etc. Furthermore, the system provides access to map material related to natural resources of the wetlands, and impacts of industrial development.

DELIGHT held 5th information system user training in Dongying, April 2016

DLR conducted the fifth and final user training course at the Yellow River Delta Sustainable Development Institute of Shandong Province from 11th to 15th of April 2016. In the data management part, the participants focused on data integration of their own data sets. Furthermore, capacity in the usage of the information system and open source GIS software was developed. In addition, the comprehensive maintenance of the information system was trained to enable the participants to deal with error logging and diagnosis, and overall understanding of system architecture.

DELIGHT field campaign to the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Yellow River Basin in April 2016

A field campaign to the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin is currently conducted by a research scientist from SLU. The major goal of this field work is to collect information for the validation of land use change analyses recently undertaken as one component of a currently on-going PhD study that focusses on the development of land cover and land use in the whole Yellow River Basin.


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