Wednesday 25 Jan 2017
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Journal Papers


  • Wohlfart, C., Mack, B., Liu, G. and Kuenzer, C. (2017). Multi-faceted land cover and land use change analyses in the Yellow River Basin based on dense Landsat time series: Exemplary analysis in mining, agriculture, forest, and urban areas. Applied Geography. 85, 73-88,
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  • Wohlfart, C., Liu, G., Huang, C. and Kuenzer, C. (2016): A River Basin over the Course of Time: Multi-Temporal Analyses of Land Surface Dynamics in the Yellow River Basin (China) Based on Medium Resolution Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sens. 8 (3), doi:10.3390/rs8030186.
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  • Ottinger, M., Kuenzer, C., Liu, G., Wang, S. and S. Dech (2013):
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