Wednesday 25 Jan 2017
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WP 2000 - Assessment of the environmental dynamics in the Yellow River Delta and its lower reaches



The work package 2000 aims to examine the dynamics of the Yellow River Delta as well as its lower river reaches and to carry out a continuous monitoring of the respective regions based on multi-sensoral remote sensing data. Furthermore, higher quality information products will be generated, which will be required by local institutions for the support of planning processes of ILWCZM (integrated land resource-, water resource- and coastal zone management), and which will be integrated into the DELIGHT YRD information system. Thereby, the WP 2000 will focus exclusively on the observation of the terrestrial and coastal areas of the Yellow River Delta but will exclude the mapping of the coastal water near the delta and the mapping of the substances in the water (WP 3000).



WP 2000 is structured in three Tasks with following Activities:


Task 2100: Analyses of the dynamics related to the natural environment

  • 2110 Wetland habitat mapping & dynamics under SLR
  • 2120 Monitoring of inundation in wetlands and the coastal area
  • 2130 Soil moisture dynamics in the Delta and the lower river reaches
  • 2140 Biomass availability and carbon balances
  • 2150/2250 Identification and development of recommendations for action

Task 2200: Analyses of the dynamics related to the agricultural environment

  • 2210 Land use, agricultural structure and its dynamics
  • 2220 Influence of salinization on agricultural structure and yields
  • 2230 Bioenergy potential from harvest residues
  • 2240 Influences of urbanization on cultural landscapes
  • 2150/2250 Identification and development of recommendations for action

Task 2300: Methodical tasks related to remote sensing and processor development

  • 2310 Quality check of Chinese satellite sensor data
  • 2320 Enhancement of processors for LC/LU/LCC classifications
  • 2330 Adaptation of biomass model
  • 2340 Developments for carbon & endergy balancing
  • 2350 Development for salinity quantification
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