Wednesday 25 Jan 2017
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Analysis of Dongying land-use dynamics – determinants and drivers

The objective of the October 2013 field work was to identify determinants and relevant mechanisms of urban growth in order to conceptualise the integration of urban and regional planning into the land-use model. Particular focus was laid on the role of spatial planning since we assume that it plays a central role for Dongying spatial development (e.g. Development Plan for High-efficiency Ecological Economic Zone of the Yellow River Delta, approved Nov. 2009 and Dongying Masterplan). In this context we were looking for information and evidence in the following fields:

  • development related determinants (economic/social): mechanisms and drivers of urban development; relevance of informal development; economic and demographic development trends and prospects;
  • planning related determinants (political/administrative): planning system; relevant stakeholders in urban and regional development; relevant planning documents at urban and regional level.

Methodologically the field work was carried out in two ways:

  • interviews on the planning system, urban and regional planning and policy, economic development trends and demographics;
  • transect walks through Dongying and trips to neighbouring cities in the YRD (e.g. Gudaozheng, Hekou).

The results are of central importance for the appropriate design of the Dongying land-use model which will be subject of the next working steps. The images below depict the current state and development in different areas of Dongying.


















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